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The recent global health pandemic has affected nearly every facet of our lives. Because we were forced to change the ways we interact with others, many of us shifted our beliefs, priorities and values. Medina used his time in lockdown to reinvent himself and to completely rethink his life as a human being and as an artist. As part of this evolution, he created his most recent project, “PORTRAITS OF THE SOUL,” which is interjected with mystical overtones through the hidden messages behind each work. These hidden messages have been inspired by the emotions and intentions that represent how the eyes communicate the heart’s emotions and intentions. By choosing those most important to him during the past several years, LOVE, STRENGTH, FORGIVENESS, HOPE, PEACE, JOY, DESIRE, LIGHT, DREAMS, GRATITUDE, FREEDOM, among others, Medina invites those who observe this work to experience the mystical energy projected by the message that inspired each one.

Throughout history, human eyes have been important motifs in the art and mythology of most cultures. They reflect intelligence and spirit, and they are considered magical, protective symbols and the “window to the soul.” Since the beginning of his artistic career, Gildo Medina has been captivated by human eyes and they’ve always been one of the most characteristic and powerful elements in his work. Medina’s passion for painting eyes has always been instinctive; he is captivated by the beauty, magic, and strength they express. The mastery with which they are created is evident in the realism of the pieces in this series.

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