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In this male erotic series, Medina visually captures memories, fantasies, and desires inspired by the complex beauty of sex in hypersexualized contemporary societies, where “more is more” and the idea of experiencing sex (and sometimes love) is “never enough.” Today, all that is needed or desired is immediately accessible with a few taps on a screen ; thousands of years of evolution of the art of seduction have been reduced to basic demographics that describe us or what intrigues us in just a few “key words”: age, role, size, interests, or “Pics?” This series is neither a documentary nor a critique. The imagery and text in these works generate sensory experiences capable of triggering a variety of reactions: pleasure, confusion, excitement, indifference, disgust, and fascination. It might well be a diary, a chronicle, or simply a fantasy.

Medina’s intention for these works was to blur the line that separates eroticism from pornography in the same way a thin line separates the simply delightful from the sublime experience of orgasm.

In “Just Sex,” Medina integrates classical styles, contemporary execution, and atypical formats and techniques in realistic works, such as “invisible drawings” with inkless pens, and often with text written in the languages in which the artist’s mind and heart are most often expressed. He is fascinated by the contrast between the erotic and the vulgar, the subtle and the grotesque, the beloved and the loveless, the frivolous and the sublime. In these works, Medina reimagines himself as an artist without prejudice or frustration, not with the intention of simply creating erotic art, but of creating living art where we, as both human being and voyeur, find convergence with our own desires.

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